What Your Endo Didn't Tell You

We are more than all the numbers

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It’s not that the DOC doesn’t help. It does.

But virtual hugs aren’t the same as real ones.

Venting here isn’t quite as cathartic as over a cup of coffee…with a muffin.

Comfort in any form is appreciated

but hard to feel from thousands of miles away.

I guess I want something solid.

Something to make this feel a little less lonely.

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And now I’m just sitting here pissed because my bg is high and there is literally nothing to eat in this house but simple carbohydrates. No nuts, no eggs, no oatmeal, no veggies… *screams internally*

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Question for people using the pen injections, do your injections hurt more with larger doses? I find after taking 14+ units of Novolog, it really hurts as it’s administering and the pain is slightly unbearable.

It depends on where I inject, but larger doses, like Novolog, do hurt. I try to do that one in love handles, thighs, butt…places where there is a lot fat cushion.

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In case anyone here cares what music I listen to. :p

I love this song. Moody and dark but hopeful. And ridiculously cute ‘cause they’re married.

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lazy diabetic problems

I haven’t checked my blood sugar since before I worked out roughly 5 hours ago. I also haven’t eaten any carbs in the meantime. I know I should check. But I don’t wanna. :(